eLearning Locker supercharges your learning initiatives by empowering you to create educational and memorable training solutions that entertain and engage your learners.

You have stories to tell, concepts to express, processes and compliance that must be understood, and devices and products that need to be experienced. It doesn’t matter if you work for a large fortune 100 company, a small business, or you are an independent developer and educator, eLearning Locker can help you supercharge your content.

Who is eLearning Locker?

We are eLearning Locker
Our focus is on helping you put the Wow! back in eLearning. As you probably already know, eLearning development is a balance of education, art, and technology. When you need to train or educate someone, you should have the time you need to focus on telling your story, not designing and programming a complex learning module or trying to create or find graphics and animations that don’t do your content justice. With eLearning Locker you can find the templates, layouts, animations, designs, and graphics that will make your project a Wow!

Using eLearning Locker is easy. First, find the template, graphics, or other asset that works best for your content and audience. Download the assets and import them into your eLearning program of choice. Then, make it yours. Customize by filling in the template to match your brand and module needs and populate it with eLearning Locker graphics and your own content. Output the final module and get it where it needs to go, in front of your learners. They will be in awe of it’s quality, and you’ll be amazed at how easily it went together.

When you don’t have the time, the budget, or the support to create the learning module of your dreams eLearning Locker is here to help.

Who uses eLearning Locker?
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