What's new in Articulate Storyline 2? We want to discuss a couple of major updates. First, a number of small updates have been made including:

  • The icon! Must get used to the new icon.
  • The interface! The look and feel of the program itself has had a face lift. Everything is a bit flatter and some items, like trigger button locations are different. All in all, if you are used to the first Storyline, you will not have a problem with the update. Most of everything is where you last left it. If you want though, you can move some of the panels around to your liking.
  • You can also set the seekbar to be read-only, which can be quite helpful.
  • Auto-recovery! It crashes - panic begins, but then you remember, Storyline 2 now has auto-recovery.
  • The Insert menu has slider controls now. Drag out a slider and control almost anything.
  • Transitions! Some new transitions were added. Not as powerful as some of PowerPoints slide transitions...but a step in the right direction.
  • Animation Painter! Use this, similar to Format Painter, to apply animation settings to many objects.
  • Motion Path! This is really the big one. In fact. I am making this bold. With motion paths, you can now move an object from one spot to another. Sounds simple but the first version of Storyline cannot do this. Now you can create all kinds of progress bars, games, interactions, scenarios...the list goes on and on. They have a number of pre-defined paths or you can create your own. Coming from a Flash and After Effects background all I can say is thank you for adding this.

We are continuing to play with the program and find out what bugs have been crushed as well as how well the HTML5 output handles. There are certainly a number of features that have been requested since Storyline came out and we hope they will continue to add to what they already have.

Enjoy! Articulate Storyline 2 Website