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Storyline and the 3 Legged Stool Interaction Build

Several times we have developed projects that use the 3 legged stool analogy. We thought we would build an interaction in Articulate Storyline.

First we design out what we want, then we jump into Photoshop and create all the assets, then we develop in Storyline - bugs and all! Download Storyline File

Video Tutorial – Adding Engaging Buttons to Storyline

Buttons in Storyline can come to life by bringing energy and information to the learner. With a simple, yet engaging hover, you can add a lot to your course, simulations, games, and assessments. Make sure you check out the quick fix at the end that will smooth out your button hover! Happy eLearning!

Additional Tips:

  • The most important tip we have here is to create a button off stage and use a trigger to change to its [...]

Video Tutorial – Adding Characters to a Screen in Fasion

In this tutorial, create a super rad circle person for use in your modules. This could be used for characters, guides, coaches, or even products and icons. Learn how to use layering to pop the top part of the person outside of the circle. We are using Articulate Storyline but this can be done in Lectora and Captivate as well. Happy eLearning from eLearning Locker!

Additional Tips:

  • Make sure the top of your character is on top [...]

Video Tutorial – Make it a Big Picture Background

It is common to see text on screen followed by a small image. See how easy it is to break that mold by filling your background with an image, which can break a lot more interest to your layout and create an more engaging environment for your learner. This was created in Articulate Storyline but can easily be done in any program like PowerPoint, Lectora, Captivate...and the list goes on and on.

Additional Tips:

  • Remember in many [...]

Video Tutorial – Give your eLearning Courses a Hand

In this tutorial, use what you have to add a bit more variety to your eLearning course modules. Take a photo of your hand to create a really nifty content card. Use Articulate Storyline to create a motion path to bring your content to life.

Additional Tips:

  • If you don't have Photoshop, try Pixlr (
  • Make sure your photo isn't blurry. Focus before taking the photo.
  • Take several photos so you can select the best one.


eLearning Design Tip – Bring Content Off the Page with Shadows

Use shadows to immerse the learner in your content. What do they do? What don't they do! They add that little bit of punch that your designs need. They can bring your content right off the page and they can cement images right onto the page. And the best part - this really is so great - it can take seconds, if you have what you need. When we design, we keep a few types of shadow [...]

5 New Features in eLearning Development (We Hope)

Whether it be Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, or Lectora, there are a number of features and tools that would enhance the experience of both the developer and the user. We wouldn't doubt that these tools are being programmed as we speak and there are certainly many more features we would love to see and most likely will see in future software updates, but here are a few from our list that we hope to see very soon:

1. Full [...]

Storyline 2 LMS Play/Pause Safari Missing Button Fix

A deal breaker has appeared for many who want to use Articulate Storyline 2 for its HTML5 playback on iPads. As the image above shows, the play/pause buttons are missing and the restart button is not centered vertically from the published HTML5 LMS files.

This is often missed because it only effects the LMS published files, so if you test publish through the Web tab, everything will look great. Only a view through your LMS will show, [...]

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