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Glass Animations Setup for eLearning

If you need to illustrate an idea, consider drawing on glass. You may already have all you need. Many people have offices with glass doors, glass windows between offices or conference rooms, or glass walls. They also have dark dry erase markers and hopefully some story they need to tell. Take your cell phone or camera and mount it to something so it stays stationary. Determine the position of the presenter and of the illustrations. Do a test video [...]

“We don’t want it to look like PowerPoint” – THINK BIG with full screen courses

Continuing our “We don’t want it to look like PowerPoint” series, we again explore the idea that PowerPoint is not to blame, and that a better understanding of layout and design paired with knowledge of  the tools you use, can create a fun,  interesting, and educational experience.

Our last post showed us how a full screen background image can be used to immerse the viewer in the environment and experience. You will also want to make sure the size of [...]

16 Questions to Ask when Starting an eLearning Project

Every time we start a new eLearning project, there are plenty of question we ask, or should ask. Most are pretty obvious but here is a short list of questions to consider when starting your next project:

  1. What is the end goal of your project and how would you recognize the project as being a success?
  2. Who are the audiences that will interact with this project? Remember to include facilitators, administrators, and future content editors.
  3. What is the engagement level [...]

“We don’t want it to look like PowerPoint”

Anyone with a focus on creating eLearning projects (or design in general) has heard someone say "We don't want it to look like PowerPoint". So what does that actually mean? Through a number of posts we will explore the meaning and how we can design our projects to "not look like PowerPoint".

First, let's take a look at a very common layout. Text with an image. Simple enough. You will see this layout often:


Extra! Extra! Training Through Newspaper Headlines

We live in a world of constant information. Focusing on any one thing can be difficult. Luckily, there is an attention grabber built into almost all of us, the newspaper headline. Even from the corner of the eye we might catch glimpse of a newspaper headline. What does it say? Is it important to us? Better give it a quick glance.

Here are a few examples of headlines:


So how [...]

3 eLearning Tips

Here are 3 eLearning Tips that can keep your projects moving forward and looking great:

1. CC0 Assets

elearningLocker_blog_image3_cc0Need free assets? Then try CC0 assets! "CC" stands for Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization who has defined a simple way for creators to mark their work with certain rights. Whatever comes after the "CC" is a code that represents the use and rights the author wants assigned to the work they have [...]

Making a Calculator Calculate

We have had a few questions on how to make a calculator calculate. First, here are a few reasons a calculator might be valuable:

  • Accounting or financial training
  • Teaching mathematics or calculator skills

Anyway a calculator can let the learner focus on the content, the formulas, and how to get where they need to be instead of focusing all their time and effort on calculating.

So how do we make a calculator? We are going to use Storyline's capabilities for this [...]

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