Anyone with a focus on creating eLearning projects (or design in general) has heard someone say "We don't want it to look like PowerPoint". So what does that actually mean? Through a number of posts we will explore the meaning and how we can design our projects to "not look like PowerPoint".

First, let's take a look at a very common layout. Text with an image. Simple enough. You will see this layout often:


This works and might meet the objective of presenting a visual that relates to the information, but it doesn't do much to immerse the viewer in the experience.

A designer might say "Ahhhhh... no layout and focus!" or "Excessive unused pointless white space!".

A common practice we use is to educate within the environment. We surround the viewer so they first understand the setting and setup their orientation and then focus on the information. Simple but engaging. Here is an example of what we might do to quickly "not make it look like PowerPoint":


A simple clock graphic was added to provide not just a pretty picture, but a focus reinforcement. Some people retain and understand better with imagery, so the visual can do a lot to subconsciously burn a key point into an inquisitive mind.

What are ways you keep it from "looking like PowerPoint"?