If you need to illustrate an idea, consider drawing on glass. You may already have all you need. Many people have offices with glass doors, glass windows between offices or conference rooms, or glass walls. They also have dark dry erase markers and hopefully some story they need to tell. Take your cell phone or camera and mount it to something so it stays stationary. Determine the position of the presenter and of the illustrations. Do a test video and adjust the camera angle, background, head angle, audio, etc. until you are happy with the look. Now, you might notice...everything is backwards. The presenter likely can't write backwards as smoothly as they can forwards and so you will see in the recording, taken on the other side of the glass, this:


This is often the biggest hang up for people trying this. How do you write it so it is correct through the glass? Flip it horizontally. You can do this in most video editing software, or download Freemake (for free) and flip it. We recommend limiting shirt logos, background text, and anything else that might look backwards once you flip the frame. That's it! You got it, just keep perfecting the lighting, audio, angles, background, etc. to taste and get your educational animations out to the world!