We recently had a project where the learner had the option to take the final test early in the course. If they could get a 90% or above they would not have to take the rest of the course. If they failed, they would continue through the rest of the course and re-take the same test at the end, where they would need an 80% or above to pass. We wanted to use the same test for both situations and setup the course with variables and checks to show the same test early on and at the end. The problem that arose in Lectora was that you can only set the Lowest Passing Score value once, and we had two values based on when they took the test. If we set the Lowest Passing Score to 80% and the learner gets an 80% mid-course, we would run the OnMClkProcTestSurv action to get our score and then have a popup that tells them if they have passed or failed. If the score says 80% we would tell them they failed, because if you take the test mid-course, our client required a 90% or above, but Lectora would send the score to the LMS, in this case using AICC, because our Lowest Passing Score was 80%.

So what to do?

The answer is pretty simple, actually. By unchecking "Include test score in overall score" in the Test > Results tab, you no longer need to worry about sending a value to the LMS just to check the test score.


Now, when you run the OnMClkProcTestSurv action you can view the score, which will be in the Assessment_Score variable. To send the value to the LMS if they are taking the test early and they get a 90% or above, you can send the score by setting AICC_SCORE (or like variable if using another compliance) to Assessment_Score. When this occurs, the LMS will receive the value and will also set the course as complete if above the proper Lowest Passing Score.

This same method can be used to have other interaction points and combine them with a test score to create a more complete test of overall knowledge and still save that information to the LMS.