Find a menu that provides the best navigation and leads your learner. You may be creating a compliance course, a product sales rep course, or a new hire course, whatever it might be, focus your time on how your content is going to empower your learner. Spend less time trying to build a complex template that gives you all the look and feel and functionality that is needed. And remember, we are always updating our library so check back often for the latest and the greatest!

1. Find It

First, find the template that works best for your content. Use our Storyboard document for help.

2. Download It

Download the template and open or import it into your eLearning program.

3. Make it Yours

Configure the template colors to match your brand and your module user interface. Then fill in your content.

4. Amaze Everyone

Finally, output the module and get it where it needs to go, in front of your learners. They will be amazed!

Articulate Storyline